10 Most Embarrassing Pro Wrestler Stories

Chris Jericho looks to be a multi-talented superstar not only in professional wrestling, but also in acting and singing. One would assume that he’s a big hit with the women. While he may have been a star in the wrestling ring even during his early career, he was not the same star in the bedroom. Jericho revealed an embarrassing moment in his autobiography “A Lion’s Tale – Around the World in Spandex.”

His first time was with a Modelo beer model in Mexico and admits that it lasted less than a minute. Not only was it a quick match rivaled only by the likes of Bob Backlund losing to Diesel, Jericho said the model giggled and patted him on the shoulder afterwards. Certainly something most men would want to keep to themselves. But Jericho has courage to admit that moment happened in his best-selling autobiography.