10 Most Embarrassing Pro Wrestler Stories

John Cena has certainly been considered one of the most dedicated WWE superstars in recent memory. Fans might be divided in how they view him as a performer, but he truly guts it out every night; even when dealing with a stomach flu. For a few years, Cena talks about a match where he was facing Scott Steiner, but certainly wasn’t feeling well. After taking a DDT, Cena asked the referee if he could puke somewhere. He was told to do it under the ring. When Cena did that, he not only puked, but he also pooped in his pants.

It’s certainly a story he has shared in the past with the most recent explanation during a 2013 episode of Total Divas. At that time, he said it took place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. But in 2008, he claimed it took place in Winnipeg. However, some have found that he only faced Steiner during a show in December 2002. Regardless where and when, it’s still an unflattering story about Cena.