10 Fun Facts About Vince McMahon’s Relationship with Shane and Stephanie

Unlike her brother Shane, Stephanie McMahon paid her dues through a different method. The first thing she did was model a British Bulldog t-shirt on the cover of WWE Magazine. Vince McMahon hired Stephanie following her graduating from Boston College to work as an account executive for the WWE sales office in New York City. Stephanie would serve as a receptionist, creative designer and television producer before becoming an on-screen character. Stephanie went on to become a tremendous heel personality for many years.

Her background in the office allowed her to earn more leverage for a larger role in the behind the scenes aspect of the company. Stephanie obviously wanted to succeed Vince as the person running the company. Her background in the fields helped Steph to secure her current position as the Chief Brand Officer of the WWE. Vince likely saw this too requesting she pay her dues in the business world rather than the way Shane did with the wrestlers on the roster.