10 Fun Facts About Vince McMahon’s Relationship with Shane and Stephanie

Things you probably didn’t know about Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s relationship with Shane and Stephanie

Shane McMahon started to become a noteworthy character on WWE television in 1998 as a member of The Corporation. However, Vince McMahon made his son pay his dues long before then with about nine years of work behind the scenes in the WWE. Shane actually was a referee under the name of Shane Stevens in 1989. Other duties like setting up the ring and helping in any capacity needed helped Shane earn the respect of the locker room.

The wrestlers viewed Shane as “one of them” due to his willingness to work in roles that many in his position would refuse. Shane also went the extra mile when he started wrestling by pulling off risky moves and stunts such as diving off the top of the Titantron. Paying dues went a long way for Shane being accepted in the WWE and by the fans and the performers alike.