10 Former Divas The WWE Ignores

Professional wrestling has been around for over 100 years, and although the men always seem to get more attention, there have always been women getting involved in the action as well.

Since WWE has reached a level of near monopoly in North American wrestling, they often get to write the entire history of wrestling by themselves, and when it comes to the history of women in wrestling, they primarily focus on only two things: physical beauty and the “Fabulous Moolah.”

Though there have been countless talented female grapplers in WWE, physical appearance, and overall presentation of personal image, became far more important than wrestling chops. Each of the following women were gorgeous, inside of the ring and out. Some simply weren’t memorable beyond their bodies, while others have various personal issues that all but promise they’ll never been seen or heard on television again.

Regardless of their personal lives, when looking at these ignored women, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could forget what they see.

10. Kimberly Page

Kimberly is the ex-wife of WCW Legend “Diamond” Dallas Page, and the leader of the WCW Nitro Girls. She made several appearances in Playboy and Penthouse, all the while a major focus on WCW television.

Though the Nitro Girls at first merely warmed up the crowd, as they became more popular, Kimberly got involved in major WCW angles, often with or against her then husband. She later had a cameo in The 40-Year Old Virgin.

Although she never made it to WWE, her fame and her ex-husband make the fact everyone ignores her somewhat curious.