10 Facts You May Not Have Known About The Bella Twins

7. They Initially Pursued Acting/Modeling In Los Angeles

WWE Divas come from all walks of life, and get into it from different career paths. Many Divas start out as models or fitness models, some are WWE fans who start out helping the male wrestlers, and there’s even a few former bodybuilders amongst the Diva ranks. However, the Bella Twins didn’t even consider wrestling at first – they moved from their native Arizona to Los Angeles to pursue acting and modeling.

They went on audition after audition, and after appearing on NBC’s Meet My Folks, they attended a WWE Diva casting. The WWE saw potential gold, and offered them jobs – but the Twins didn’t want to relocate to Florida. However, a few years later, their mom met with WWE reps and ended up convincing the girls to give it a shot. Thanks, Mrs. Colace!