10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Daniel Bryan

6. PETA is a Big Fan of Daniel Bryan

The animal rights group is actually pro-violence in this instance, at least pro-wrestling. Bryan is a vegan, a choice that was basically made for him after he suffered a series of staph infections. Doctors looked at his elevated liver enzymes and gave him no choice, but since that day Bryan has embraced the lifestyle. In 2012, Bryan was named “Most Animal Friendly Athlete” by PETA. He narrowly edged other athletes such as Willis McGahee, Chase Utley, and Jake Shields.

Later in 2012, Bryan announced he was no longer vegan; he developed an intolerance for soy, and cited difficulty finding non-soy based foods while constantly on the road for the WWE. He maintains his healthy eating habits, though, and remains a practicing vegetarian.