10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Daniel Bryan

9. Bryan is a Yes-Man

Bryan is the founder of a movement. No, it’s nothing politically significant or world changing, but it certainly has run rampant through the world of sports. Bryan’s trademark phrase is simply “Yes!” which he shouts to and from the ring. He even wears a shirt sometimes with YES! labeled down the front. Crowds began catching on, and it became a cross-sport phenomenon. These days the chant can be hears at NHL, MLB or NBA games and has even broken out at some concerts.

The catchphrase has roots to MMA fighter Diego Sanchez, to whom Bryan credits for the inspiration. Bryan first began using it after he won the heavyweight championship against Kofi Kingston. After winning, Bryan went crazy and shouted the phrase repeatedly, even standing on the announcers table. Crowds loved it, and the movement was unstoppable.