10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Alexa Bliss

3. Bliss Surname Came About By Accident

The Alexa part of her ring name obviously came from Bliss’s real name (Alexis Kaufman), but the second half had an unlikely source of inspiration that came out of nowhere.

Cast as a southern girl originally in NXT, Alexa used ‘Bless Your Heart’ as a catchphrase. Due to her accent, the word ‘bless’ sounded more like ‘bliss’, and this was something she and others picked up on over time.

During several interviews, Bliss has admitted that the name change was accidental more than anything else and only came about due to her pronunciation problems.

WWE decided to run with the name Alexa Bliss after this, and that allowed the female to use terms like ‘Blissed Off’ going forward. Unlike most NXT sobriquets, the moniker wasn’t carefully picked by creative, but instead one which emerged organically because she sounded like she was saying something other than ‘bless’ during her time as a borderline cowgirl.