10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Alexa Bliss

7. Doctors Told Her Alexa’s Parents She Was 24 Hours Away From Dying

Imagine being hit with the news that your daughter may have only 24 hours to live. Those were the shocking words relayed to Bob and Angela Kaufman about their little girl by doctors in Columbus, and the admission rocked the family.

Going through a serious eating disorder from the age of 15, Bliss worried her parents enough that they tricked her into a hospital visit. Telling her that they were going to church, the mother/father duo actually drove their daughter to meet with doctors, aiming to find out the root of her weight-loss problems and general unhappiness in her own skin.

After taking her vital signs, medical staff admitted that Alexa may be at death’s door if they didn’t act quickly. Therefore, with or without the consent of her parents, doctors were keen to keep Bliss in-house and work through her issues.

To this day, Bliss wonders if that hoodwinking from her parents saved her life.