10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Alexa Bliss

9. She’s A Great Singer

It may surprise some wrestling fans to learn that Alexa Bliss is actually a pretty darn good singer. Excelling on the microphone in WWE during promos is just the tip of the iceberg for Bliss vocally, because she actually has a great set of pipes on her, coming from a family that loves music.

Alexa’s grandfather was a country musician, and that genre is one Bliss favours herself. Perhaps this is because she grew up around country music, watching her grandfather perform on stage at state shows in her native Ohio.

There’s been no real hint of a singing gimmick for Alexa in WWE, although her parents did provide footage to the company for use in the documentary that showed Bliss letting loose and singing for the camera at home; analysing her life makes it clear that the female star didn’t take singing further, but her voice was clearly well-developed from a young age when watching the clips her parents filmed.