10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Alexa Bliss

1. Her Mother Used Chyna To Discourage A WWE Tryout

When the future Alexa Bliss told her parents that she wanted to try out for WWE and become a wrestling superstar in 2013, her mother was totally horrified by the idea. During the documentary produced by WWE, Angela revealed that she used Chyna as a tool to try and convince her little girl not to become a wrestler.

In the mother’s mind, her daughter would be crushed by muscle-bound athletes like Chyna, because that was the kind of female WWE wanted.

The tactic didn’t work; fully aware that WWE had moved away from women like Chyna, Bliss was also determined to help change perception of what women’s wrestling should be. Ignoring her mother’s pleas, she answered a recruitment call on WWE’s website, decided to send in an audition tape and asked the promotion to train her.

Meanwhile, Angela was left powerless to stop her driven daughter despite fears that she would be physically overwhelmed.

Via whatculture.com