10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Alexa Bliss

2. Alexa Sent Her Mother A Legally Blonde Quote Post-WWE Draft

Anybody who follows Alexa Bliss on Instagram or Twitter will know that she’s a huge fan of Disney, and that passion for the company extends to musicals too. Her absolute favourite is Legally Blonde, a musical that Alexa and her mother both enjoy.

When Bliss was moved from NXT to SmackDown Live during the WWE Draft last summer, she sent her mother a text message that aped one quote from the movie. The actual quote is, “Look at my name in black and white, your daughter’s doing something right”, but Alexa changed black to blue in order to represent her new wrestling home.

Angela admitted this brought a tear to her eye, especially because her daughter included the graphic WWE had knocked up for her arrival on SmackDown. This was like the culmination of a collective family effort to get Bliss where she wanted to be, and acted as a complete reversal for Alexa’s mother and her attitude towards wrestling.