10 Facts About The Marriage Of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

5. Vince’s Wedding Present To Stephanie Was A Public Beating

Professional wrestling is a violent and dangerous form of entertainment, which certainly isn’t meant for the weak at heart. Usually, the women of the wrestling world don’t get quite as hardcore as the men, but they do one rare occasions, and if the right woman feels like getting vicious, she can make a match that forces men to cover their eyes at the violence they’re unleashing on their opponents.

Stephanie McMahon is hardly known as a hardcore wrestler, but she did have at least one extremely violent “I Quit” match during her time as a wrestler, and her opponent was her own father, Vince McMahon.

Vince and Stephanie met for the first and most likely only father-daughter “I Quit” match in professional wrestling history at No Mercy 2003. The event took place on October 19, notable for being less than one week prior to Stephanie’s actual marriage to Triple H.

The angle itself was devised as a way to write her off television for her honeymoon and the foreseeable future, and they accomplished that by having Vince beat the hell out of his daughter days before giving her away to her new husband. This subtext was never mentioned on camera, but it’s not like that knowledge makes the images of Vince choking Stephanie with a pipe any easier to swallow.