10 Facts About The Marriage Of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

6. They Got Married In Real Life Four Years After They Did On TV

The first televised wedding of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon occurred at a 24-hour Las Vegas wedding chapel, when Stephanie was allegedly unconscious in the passenger seat of Triple H’s rental car. In reality, the couple was engaged to wed on Valentine’s Day 2003, and actually got married in October of that year. They had been together on WWE television for nearly four years at that point, with their relationship lasting virtually the entire time they were on screen together.

Perhaps a bit ironically, they had actually been together on screen long enough by the time of their real wedding that their characters had gone through many trials and tribulations already, having split up, renewed their vows, and split up again, before they even made the vows for real a single time.

By the time the couple married for real, Stephanie was on SmackDown and Triple H was dominating Raw, and it would be a long time before they reunited on screen. Stephanie was written off television days before the real wedding took place, and Triple H maintained a major role, often feuding with Vince or Shane McMahon without referring to the fact they were actually family.

It’s hard to argue when exactly real life and TV merged and fans were completely let in on the truth, but we’ll call it some time around 2011, when Triple H was officially referred to as COO on Raw and Stephanie gradually returned as his partner in crime.