10 Facts About The Marriage Of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

7. Stephanie Broke Vince’s Rules To Follow Her Heart

While fans of the WWE Universe have reacted rather negatively to the idea of Vince McMahon’s daughter dating one of his top superstars, that really doesn’t compare to the initial reaction to people within the business at large. Members of the WWE roster pretty much had to deal with it or go elsewhere, but for decades if not centuries, the idea of a wrestler dating anybody even remotely related to a promoter was seen as a huge industry no-no.

The problems such a relationship could cause are obvious from the start, as claims of favoritism and nepotism have clouded sports entertainment since the genre was invented, and there’s no more obvious favoritism than getting married to an employee.

Stephanie and Triple H both obviously knew about this industry rule, but they threw caution to the wind very quickly after they started hanging out romantically. Stephanie worried Vince in particular might have a problem with it, but she powered through and followed her heart anyway, and before long, Vince became one of the most vocal supporters of their union.

However, plenty of insiders still took great caution, and understood that things could easily go south if Stephanie started giving her husband preferential treatment. At least one wrestler was on their side, though…