10 Facts About The Marriage Of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

1. They’ll Probably Take Over The Business

The subtext throughout this list has been pretty clear, so we’ll just lay it out for what we consider is the most important fact about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Thanks to who Stephanie’s father is, and his friendship with her husband, there’s a good chance the couple will one day take over WWE. As Vince ages into his early 70’s, there’s even a possibility that day could come fairly soon, and the real McMahon-Helmsley regime will take over WWE for the unforeseeable future.

There’s no saying whether this could be good or bad for business. While some fear Triple H will return to his egomaniacal tricks and make himself the focus of the show, it seems safe to say his time in the ring is almost completely behind him, and he’ll be keeping his biggest influences behind the scenes from now on.

There’s also a chance Shane McMahon could assert himself and cause some sort of power struggle, but by all accounts, things are pretty even between the McMahon’s, and everyone is in agreement that Triple H is the man to take over one day. Of course, none of this even considers Stephanie’s own considerable ego, as she could end up damaging the company far more than he ever could thanks to her status as an untouchable character to the majority of the roster.

Regardless of what they choose to do with their power, Triple H and Stephanie clearly have it in spades, and solidify their status as the most important couple in wrestling on a nightly basis.

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