10 Facts About The Marriage Of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have redefined the term power couple as it exists in sports entertainment.

Stephanie McMahon is the daughter of Vince McMahon, CEO and owner of World Wrestling Entertainment, and heir apparent to the company whenever Vince should retire. Her husband Triple H is a 14-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and arguably the most important wrestling character in WWE over just under the past two decades.

Both on-screen and behind the camera, Triple H and Stephanie have grown in prowess and importance over the past several years to a point where they are unquestionably the #2 and #3 most important figures in WWE today. Only Vince McMahon has more power than the two of them, and due to their personal history, this has inspired both unbridled hope and unabashed fear from fans and insiders alike.

There’s no denying Triple H and Stephanie McMahon love the professional wrestling industry. They’ve both been in the business their entire lives, and whether or not they truly know what’s “best for business,” it seems to be their version of such that they attempt to present on television.

However, Triple H in particular has been criticized for what is perceived as a massive ego, and his relationship with his boss’s daughter has possibly increased his status in the wrestling world ever since said relationship started. The stronger their relationship has grown, the more Triple H there has been in WWE, and fans can’t help but speculate how much of his career has been earned, and how much of it he married into.

Perhaps we can answer some questions about the rise of Triple H with our list of 10 things you didn’t know about his relationship with Stephanie McMahon.

10. Stephanie Broke Up Triple H And Chyna

Triple H debuted in WWE in April of 1995 on The Wrestling Challenge as the blueblood Hunter Hearst Helmsley, not terribly far removed from the aristocratic character he had been portraying in WCW the year prior. Hunter struggled to get over with fans until he started being introduced with increasingly beautiful women including Sable, who started to get the crowd to boo the conceited new superstar.

While a string of gorgeous blondes helped him stand it, it was pairing up with the muscle-bound, dominating female wrestler Chyna that started to send Triple H into the stratosphere and truly make him a relevant contender.

Triple H had been dating Chyna in real life for several years, and that relationship continued as they began working together on television. Soon the duo joined Shawn Michaels in D-Generation X, and it seemed they could one day rule WWE together as a major power couple themselves. Unfortunately for Chyna, the duo eventually broke up on screen and Triple H was paired with Stephanie McMahon, and that fake relationship gradually turned into a real relationship that left Chyna in the dust.

It’s unclear exactly how much sneaking around Chyna’s back there was versus Triple H flat-out admitting to her things were over and it was time to move on, but what is certain is that Triple H left Chyna for Stephanie, and things were never the same for any of them ever again.