10 Epic Real-Life John Cena Stories

Many insiders allege that the ability to outdrink the entire roster and being able to get it on with any Diva are the stuff of a champion in the WWE. Although The Champ started his WWE career as a non-drinker and a loyal partner to his high school sweetheart, the longer he stayed with the company, the more he changed as a person. He has slept with a many women, and one of his most controversial acquisitions was a married Victoria, who was married to outsider Lee Vernon since 1999. According to Kenny Dykstra, she was Cena’s go-to girl for action on the road from 2002 to 2007.

Dykstra himself has suffered from Cena’s libido himself, having been cheated on with him by his fiance Mickie James. Reportedly, when she wanted Cena to start a serious relationship with her, he had her put through the humiliating “Piggie James” storyline and having her terminated.

Another reported fling he had was with adult film star Kendra Lust. The rumors started shortly before he filed for divorce with his wife Elizabeth Huberdeau and were further fueled by Lust putting up raunchy photos of her with a replica WWE title belt on her Twitter account. She then made a wrestling parody movie with a Cena lookalike, after which she started denying the rumors, but the internet knew too much already.