10 Epic Real-Life John Cena Stories

10 epic real-life john cena stories
10 crazy real-life stories involving John Cena

During the time of WrestleMania 28 Brodus Clay was being pushed as Vince’s newest pet project. Brodus was set to do a skit with his “Momma” and a group of dancers. Because the show was running long, the skit was cut so The Rock and John Cena could get their proper time for their match.

Brodus and the dancers were all set to go when they were informed their skit was cut. John Cena got word of this and let Billy Kidman and Michael Hayes know that he “had to go to the bathroom.” Kidman and Hayes wanted to know how long that was going to take. Cena looked at Brodus and asked him how long he needed. Brodus said 10 minutes. Cena told Kidman he would be back on 10 minutes. And that set up the Brodus skit to take place.
An interesting note about this whole story, Brodus was close to having his segment cut twice at back to back WrestleMania’s.