10 Dumbest Ring Names The WWE Prorposed to Wrestlers

Jim Herd wasn’t a bad guy, really, but his tenure as head of WCW is slammed a lot. With genius ideas like the Ding Dongs and not realizing the potential the company had, it’s no wonder folks think he was an idiot. The biggest issue was his treatment of Ric Flair as Herd wanted to push him out, not grasping how Flair was so widely admired and respected in the business. But Herd thought Flair was a relic of the ‘80s and had to change. That included pitching the idea of Flair cutting his hair, having an earring and being a Roman general type called Spartacus. Everyone in the company slammed it as stupid and argued Flair didn’t need to change at all. Kevin Sullivan famously said “why don’t you go down to Yankee Stadium and change Babe Ruth’s number?” It led to Flair’s firing that would end Herd’s tenure and showed why his stint at WCW is so easy for fans to mock.