10 Dumbest Ring Names The WWE Prorposed to Wrestlers

When you start as “Terra Ryzing,” you can really only go up from there. Paul Levesque had the talent to be a star early but was saddled with aristocratic characters in WCW like Jean-Paul Levesque, a supposed “Frenchman.” He had potential and Ric Flair liked him but he felt he was going nowhere so signed with WWE. As it happened, Vince McMahon wanted someone to parody the “Greenwich snobs” McMahon hated and thought Paul would be the best guy.

The first name they came up with was Sherman Dupont Helmsley. However, it just didn’t seem to work right and it was felt some alliteration might be better so they changed it to Hunter Hearst Helmsley. It ended up working out well and that’s a good thing as SDH just doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as Triple H does.