10 Dumbest Ring Names The WWE Prorposed to Wrestlers

Big Van Vader is one of the coolest wrestling names you can think of. It rolls off the tongue, sounds terrific and adds true menace to a guy. Vader used it to become a star in Japan and then totally dominate in WCW as champion. A huge guy, he could take to the ropes and his stiff style added to his appeal. When he was signed to WWE in 1996, it seemed logical they would push him the same way with the same name. Instead, Vince McMahon wanted to have Vader called “Mastodon.” Supposedly, Vince wanted WWE to have his own stamp on it, not happy pushing a former WCW star like this and the fact Vader’s name was how fans knew him best didn’t seem to enter his mind. Vader refused but Vince insisted on calling him “the mastodon” on commentary constantly. It was an early sign of how poorly Vader’s WWE stint went and cited McMahon’s issues with WCW stars.