10 Dumbest Ring Names The WWE Prorposed to Wrestlers

Mick Foley loved to talk about this in his first book. He’d worked with WWE years before as Jack Foley before making his name as Cactus Jack in WCW and ECW. Hired on by WWE, he wanted more than anything to make it and was willing to put up with a lot. However, the first character plans gave him the nickname of Mason The Mutilator. Foley, in what he called one of the greatest acting jobs of his career, told Vince McMahon the name “sounded good” but he wanted to think it over.

He worked with them to drop the chains, pitch some ideas and eventually they settled onto Mankind. His feud with The Undertaker put him over fast and Foley was soon pushed hard. He added on with Dude Love, Cactus Jack and finally, wrestled as himself to become a huge star and showcase how the right talents can overcome bad initial ideas.