10 Dumbest Ring Names The WWE Prorposed to Wrestlers

As “Stunning” Steve Austin in WCW, he reigned as TV, US and tag team champion and seemed poised for more when he joined WWE. He was saddled with the idea of “The Ringmaster” and Ted DiBiase as a manager but broke off on his own. He shaved his head and wanted a name leaning toward a “cold” motif of some sort. He went to creative for suggestions but their best was “Chilly McFreeze,” which sounds more like a 1960s Batman villain than an imposing heel. It was a bad idea and Austin hated it and didn’t like the others such as Ice Dagger and Otto von Ruthless. The “Stone Cold” moniker was the result of an innocent comment by his wife.

When Jon Heidenreich came to WWE, there was the brief idea of him being controlled by an entity called “Little Johnny” and it could be a split personality but never came off. Then there was his poetry reading and stalking Michael Cole followed by the ill-conceived “New Legion of Doom.” But, amazingly, it could have been even worse as the original pitch for him by writer Dan Madigan was Baron von Bava, an honest to God Nazi frozen since 1945 and thawed out by Jewish manager Paul Heyman. He would even come out in a uniform with swastikas and goose-step around the ring. According to reports, when Madigan pitched it, Vince McMahon just stared with his mouth agape and Madigan was soon fired. Yes, there are limits even the guy who wanted to do an incest storyline with his daughter won’t cross.