10 Dumbest Ring Names The WWE Prorposed to Wrestlers

10 stupid ring names we’re glad the WWE didn’t stick with

Bryan Danielson was already a pretty nifty name and the “American Dragon” had established himself as one of ROH’s biggest stars. When he came to NXT, there was concern about shifting him around and several new ideas pitched to him in order to make him more of a “main event” draw for WWE. Among them were Lloyd Boner and you can basically just make up all the bad jokes from here. One announcement under that name and the fans would be laughing and it’s astounding to think of commentators using it. The very idea of a terrible nickname for moves like “the bone drop” or such is appalling. Amazingly, Bryan himself came up with “Buddy Peacock” which sounds even dumber. Thankfully, that was dropped for “Daniel Bryan,” which ended up being a great thing.