10 Crazy Stories About Ric Flair

ric flair crazy stories
Crazy stories about the limousine ridin’ jet flyin’ son of a gun

ric flair kidnapped as child
Most wrestling fans will know that Ric Flair’s real name is Richard Morgan Flehr, but his birth name was actually Fred Phillips.

Flair hasn’t looked much into the details of his birth, but one thing known for a fact is that he was adopted from the Tennessee Children’s Home Society, a notorious orphanage which was found guilty in the early 50s of kidnapping children from their rightful mothers and arranging illegal black market adoptions. It’s hard to tell whether or not the Naich’s adoption was legal or not because most of the records were destroyed, but he was quickly adopted, moved to Edina, Minnesota and renamed Richard. So yes, Ric Flair’s earliest days were spent as a foundling at an evil orphanage — hard to come up with a better start to a rags-to-riches story than that.

He actually talks about this in the first chapter of his autobiography To Be The Man, titled Black Market Baby