10 Craziest Things Wrestlers Did To Maintain Kayfabe

Wrestlers used to go to great lengths to stay in character before the internet made it pointless

Some of you may know that Ric Flair survived a plane crash in 1975. Travelling with him were Tim “Mr. Wrestling” Woods and his in-character rival Johnny Valentine, who got paralyzed for life. Woods knew that if word got out that he was travelling with his supposed arch-enemy, the consequences for wrestling would be disastrous, so he had to act. When he arrived at the hospital, he lied about his identity, saying he was a promoter and not a wrestler. Rumors still got out that he was travelling with Valentine, so he wrestled a match with a broken back two weeks after a crash that killed the pilot, ended the careers of two other wrestlers and put Ric Flair on the shelf for six months.