10 Brutal Pranks Pulled Off by Owen Hart

Owen wasn’t going to let a guy who got over by playing an adult film star go through his career without falling victim to a rib. At a hotel in St. Louis, a fan approached Venis with a huge stack of glossy photos. Venis refused to sign them, knowing the fan would just sell the stack. Later on, while sleeping in his room, Venis was awoken by a phone call. He answered the call, and heard a disgruntled voice, arguing that Venis had promised to come down and sign a stack of pictures. Venis angrily replied that he promised no such thing and hung up. The phone rang again and the same voice threatened him, saying “you better sign these pictures or else…” Venis then stormed back down to the hotel lobby seeking out the fan. Venis found himself in an empty lobby, only finding Owen and Jarrett. Owen continued sending Venis on a wild goose chase for a couple of hours before Venis finally gave up and went back to his room. Six months later, right before doing a live interview on TV, Edge revealed to Val that it was Owen all along, with Owen telling Edge to reveal it right then so Val would be steaming right before going to air