10 Brutal Pranks Pulled Off by Owen Hart

It seemed like Owen’s goal in life was to make the most serious person possible crack a laugh. Owen set his sights high, trying to get Stone Cold to laugh in the middle of a match. Keep in mind this was early on in the Stone Cold character, whose whole gimmick was a no non-sense badass who wouldn’t ever crack a smile in a match. Owen found himself in a match with Mick Foley, with Austin as a guest referee. Owen and Foley had constantly used weird weapons and one of them was a huge bag of popcorn. With the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer in the audience, the two decided to purposely stink the joint out. Owen and Foley looked for the hokiest weapons possible to make Stone Cold crack. Foley hit Owen with a huge bag full of soft drink lids (what you would get at fast food joints). Owen sold it like he’d just been shot with his knees buckling, and howling in pain. The next time around, looking for the hokiest weapon possible, Owen nailed Foley with the huge bag of popcorn. As the kernels started to fly out of the bag, Foley found himself laying in a pool of it and began making snow angels. What a great tag team Owen and Foley would have made.