10 Brutal Pranks Pulled Off by Owen Hart

When it came to pranks, Owen wasn’t afraid of anybody. Back when the WWE was doing an In Your House, with Hunter Hearst Helmsley facing Henry Godwinn in Vince’s great 1995 idea of a Hog Pen match. Owen ensured Vince would pay for booking such a match. When the truck arrived to the arena, filled with barn animals, the driver asked where the animals had to go. Without blinking an eye, Owen offered to show the guy where it all had to go. Owen directed him to Vince’s office, where all the animals were dropped off. As you can imagine, by the time Vince got back to his office, it smelled like a barn, in need of a major cleanup. Could you imagine anybody trying to pull that on Vince today? When it came to pranks, Owen always reached for the brass ring.