10 Biggest Unscripted Disasters in Wrestling History

UFC and MMMA in general were starting to get popular by 1998, so Vince McMahon decided to cash in on the craze by having a legit fighting tournament called Brawl For All, called “the stupidest thing that the WWF has ever done” by Jim Cornette, who worked for the company at the time. As if chants of “Boring” and “We Want Wrestling” during the bouts wasn’t enough, a few wrestlers got legitimate injuries and were not able to operate in the same capacity for a while. Most notably, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams was the favorite to win the tournament and was allegdly paid the prize money after advancing past the first round. He then suffered a torn hamstring and got knocked out by eventual winner Bart Gunn. This injury killed all the momentum he had after being groomed as main eventer.

Here comes the real kicker. Gunn was matched against pro boxer Butterbean at Wrestlemania XV and got knocked out in 35 seconds. The WWF’s plan to show that wrestlers can hold their own with professional fighters crashed and burned.