10 Biggest Unscripted Disasters in Wrestling History

Muhammed Ali vs Japenese wrestling legend Antonio Inoki was one of the most hyped fights of all time and a precursor to modern MMA, but it was also a huge disappointment. The original plan was for the match to be scripted, ending with Ali Knocking out the referee and looking concerned and Inoki kicking him down for the count, giving the win to Inoki and not discrediting Ali. Ali didn’t want to lose and decided to turn in into a real fight. Another problem was the difficulty of choreographing a boxing vs wrestling match and making it look convincing, so a number of modifications were made to the rules, imposing heavy restrictions on Inoki – no grappling, throwing or tackling.

As a result, most of the match was just Inoki lying on his back and kicking his opponent in the shins, with Ali throwing a total of 6 punches during the whole bout. The end was a draw, with Inoki being up by 3 points, but losing them all to fouls. Neither’s reputation suffered, but that’s about the only positive from this fiasco.