10 Biggest Unscripted Disasters in Wrestling History

After leaving the WWE, where he wrestled as Tugboat, Fred Ottman signed to WCW and was set to make his in-ring debut at Fall Brawl 1993, replacing the injured Road Warrior Hawk in an 8-man tag team match with Sting, Dustin Rhodes and Davey Boy Smith against Sid Vicious, Big Van Vader and Harlem Heat. His on-screen debut happened during an interview segment hosted by Ric Flair, where Sting revealed him as the mistery partner. Shockmaster was then supposed to make an entrance by crashing through a sheetrock wall, but fell and sent his Star Wars stormtrooper helmet flying off, revealing his face. He scrambled to get it back on, but any credibility he had was gone. The WCW would even repackage Ottman’s character as a klutz later on.