10 Biggest Unscripted Disasters in Wrestling History

10 times wrestling went off-script with disastrous consequences

As season 4 of Tough Enough was nearing its end, the contestants took part in the Kurt Angle Invitation on the November 4, 2004 episode of Smackdown. After winning a squat thrust contest, Chris Nawrocki earned himself a match against Kurt Angle, who made him tap very quickly. Up next was the eventual winner Daniel Puder, who had a background in MMA and put Kurt Angle in legitimate Kimura lock while it looked like Angle was pinning him. The hold could have broken Angle’s arm and put him in a hospital, but luckily the refs thought fast and counted the 3-count on Puder, even though his back wasn’t fully on the mat.

Obviously, Angle was less than happy about the whole thing, while Puder got buried and eventually released. Not all was lost, however – the WWE got two future superstars out of the contest, namely Ryan Reeves (later known as Skip Sheffield and Ryback) and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.