10 Biggest Things That Killed WCW

Things WCW did to hurt itself more than the WWF ever could

Kevin Nash ended Goldberg’s undefeated streak at Starcade 1998 after benefiting from a run-in by teammate Scott Hall, which disappointed a lot of fans. Dissatisfied with the dirty win, Nash promised Goldberg a rematch on the following Nitro on January 4th 1999. Before the match, Goldberg was kayfabe arrested for “aggravated stalking” of Miss Elizabeth, so Hulk Hogan took his place.

This made sense because Nash was a member of the babyface NWO Wolfpac, a splinter group from Hogan’s heel New World Order. Hogan and Nash circled each other for a bit before Hogan poked Nash with his finger and Nash fell on the mat for the 3-count. After this, they embraced, reuniting the NWO.

This incident was remembered as the Fingerpoke of Doom, one of the most fan-insulting moments in all of professional wrestling because it robbed fans of a main event they were so hyped to see.