10 Attitude Era Moments That Went Too Far

trish stratus strip

Perhaps the most ill-remembered segment from the Attitude Era was Vince McMahon making Trish Stratus strip down to her underwear and bark like a dog for trying to usurp his daughter’s position as the dominant female in the company by starting a relationship with the boss. The storyline came to an end at WrestleMania X-Seven, when Stratus slapped Vince during his match against his son Shane, becoming a fan favorite in the process.

Opponents of Linda McMahon in her prior campaigns for office used the moment to show the McMahon family background of putting together stories like that in WWE, which ultimately cost Linda her political career and sent her $100 million down the drain.  As the company tries to promote equality and women’s rights, the owner and face of WWE’s existence doing something like that will haunt them forever. It was definitely the most regretful and shameful moment of the Attitude Era.