Mariachi starring Brock Lesnar

Hogan, We Comin for you Nigga!

New Jack banned from Twitter after inflamatory Lawler remarks

Jerome “New Jack” Young’s Twitter account has been disabled this Friday.

Two Men Arrested for Theft of TNA Championship Belt

Iowa police have apprehended 2 men who stole the TNA Championship belt and a replica last month.

Cast and pics from Chyna’s Adult WWF/E Parody

Chyna Queen of The Ring

Queen of The Ring, an adult parody of pro wrestling starring Joan “Chyna” Laurer, will be released by Vivid Entertainment on September 4 2012.

WWE 13 will have customizable stage props

WWE 13 custom stage sets

Every year THQ’s WWE games give us more and more things to customize. Last year with WWE 12 we got to create our own ring, but they all had the same stage props. In WWE 13, customization will expand to the whole arena with custom stage sets, such as the Smackdown fist from 2001-2008.

WWE 13 commercial to feature CM Punk and masked commandos

WWE 13 commercial with CM Punk and ninja commandos

Several pictures have surfaced showing leading a group of ninja commandos in what appears to be an upcoming WWE 13 commercial. Looks like “Revolution” is the buzzword with the upcoming game.